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Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
GRADES-NDA Graph Learning with Loss-Guided Training
Session 1 (Graph learning and benchmarking) Eliav Buchnik and Edith Cohen
GRADES-NDA The Graph Based Benchmark Suite
Session 1 Laxman Dhulipala, Jessica Shi, Tom Tseng, Guy Blelloch and Julian Shun
GRADES-NDA Supporting Dynamic Graphs and Temporal Entity Deletions in the LDBC Social Network Benchmark’s Data Generator
Session 1 Jack Waudby, Benjamin A. Steer, Arnau Prat-Pérez and Gábor Szárnyas
Session 2 (Graph analysis and pattern matching) Katja Hose
GRADES-NDA ELite: Cost-effective Approximation of Exploration-based Graph Analysis
Session 2 Xiaofei Zhang, Tamer Ozsu and Lei Chen
GRADES-NDA EdgeFrame: Worst-Case Optimal Joins for Graph-Pattern Matching in Spark
Session 2 Per Fuchs, Peter Boncz and Bogdan Ghit
GRADES-NDA Towards Interactive Pattern Search in Massive Graphs
Session 2 Tahsin Reza, Matei Ripeanu, Geoffrey Sanders and Roger Pearce
Session 2 Yizhou Sun
GRADES-NDA Smooth Kronecker: Solving the Combing Problem in Kronecker Graphs
Session 3 (Potpourri) Vaastav Anand, Puneet Mehrotra, Daniel Margo and Margo Seltzer
GRADES-NDA Context-Free Path Querying with Single-Path Semantics by Matrix Multiplication
Session 3 Rustam Azimov, Semyon Grigorev, Artem Khoroshev and Arseniy Terekhov
GRADES-NDA A Framework for DSL-Based Query Classification Using Relational and Graph-Based Data Models
Session 3 Peter K. Schwab, Maximilian Langohr and Klaus Meyer-Wegener
GRADES-NDA Industrial talks
Session 3
GRADES-NDA Free-roam posters and demos
Session 3
Monday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM  Tentative Schedule for DaMoN below, for the updated schedule; please visit
DaMoN Analyzing Memory Accesses With Modern Processors
Session 1 Stefan Noll (TU Dortmund University, SAP SE); Jens Teubner (TU Dortmund University); Norman May (SAP SE); Alexander Boehm (SAP SE)
DaMoN Scalable and Robust Latches for Database Systems
Session 1 Jan Böttcher (TUM); Viktor Leis (Friedrich Schiller University Jena); Jana Giceva (TU Munich); Thomas Neumann (TUM); Alfons Kemper (TUM)
DaMoN The Tale of 1000 Cores: An Evaluation of Concurrency Control on Real(ly) Large Multi-Socket Hardware
Session 1 Tiemo Bang (TU Darmstadt); Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt); Norman May (SAP SE); Ilia Petrov (Reutlingen University)
DaMoN Large-Scale In-Memory Analytics on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
Session 1 Anil Shanbhag (MIT); Nesime Tatbul (Intel Labs and MIT); David E Cohen (Intel); Samuel Madden (MIT)
DaMoN Concurrent Online Sampling for All, for Free
Session 1 Altan Birler (TUM); Bernhard Radke (TUM); Thomas Neumann (TUM)
DaMoN Efficient generation of machine code for query compilers
Session 1 Henning Funke (TU Dortmund University); Jan Mühlig (TU Dortmund University); Jens Teubner (TU Dortmund University)
DaMoN The Collection Virtual Machine: An Abstraction for Multi-Frontend Multi-Backend Data Analysis
Session 2 Ingo Müller (ETH Zürich); Renato Marroquín (Oracle Labs); Dimitrios Koutsoukos (ETHZ); Mike Wawrzoniak (ETHZ); Sabir Akhadov (Databricks); Gustavo Alonso (ETHZ)
DaMoN Accelerating Re-Pair Compression using FPGAs
Session 2 Robert Lasch (SAP SE); Suleyman Demirsoy (Intel Corp.); Norman May (SAP SE); Veeraraghavan Ramamurthy (Intel Corp.); Christian Faerber (Intel Corporation); Kai-Uwe Sattler (TU Ilmenau)
DaMoN FPGA-Accelerated Compression of Integer Vectors
Session 2 Mahmoud Mohsen (SAP SE); Norman May (SAP SE); Christian Faerber (Intel Corporation); David Broneske (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)
DaMoN nKV: Near-Data Processing with KV-Stores on Native Computational Storage
Session 2 Tobias Vincon (Reutlingen University); Lukas Weber (TU Darmstadt); Andreas Koch (TU Darmstadt); Ilia Petrov (Reutlingen University)
DaMoN Keynote talk, A Vision for Expandable Data Management Infrastructure and Acceleration with Heterogenous Configurable Systems
Session 3
DaMoN Let’s Add Transactions to FPGA-based Key-Value Stores!
Session 3 Zsolt István (IMDEA Software)
DaMoN Lessons learned from the early performance evaluation of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory in DBMS
Session 3 Yinjun Wu (University of Pennsylvania); Kwanghyun Park (Microsoft); Rathijit Sen (Microsoft); Brian Kroth (Microsoft); Jaeyoung Do (Microsoft Research)
DaMoN Data Structure Primitives on Persistent Memory: An Evaluation
Session 3 Philipp Götze (TU Ilmenau); Arun Kumar Tharanatha (TU Ilmenau); Kai-Uwe Sattler (TU Ilmenau)
DaMoN Empirical Evaluation Across Multiple GPU-accelerated DBMSes
Session 3 Hawon Chu (Kyungpook National University); Seounghyun Kim (Kyungpook National University); Joo-Young Lee (Kyungpook National University); Young-Kyoon Suh (Kyungpook National University)
DaMoN The ReProVide Query-Sequence Optimization in a Hardware-Accelerated DBMS (Lekshmi Beena Gopalakrishnan Nair
Session 3 Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg); Andreas Becher (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)); Klaus Meyer-Wegener (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
DaMoN Variable Word Length Word-Aligned Hybrid Compression
Session 3 Florian Grieskamp (G DATA CyberDefense AG); Roland Kühn (TU Dortmund University); Jens Teubner (TU Dortmund University)
Friday 8:30 AM – 3:15 PM  Tentative Schedule below, please visit  for the latest details.
HILDA Keynote
Arvind Satyanarayan
HILDA In Memoriam: Sherif Sakr
Angela Bonifati
HILDA iSmartML: An Interactive and User-Guided Framework for Automated Machine Learning
Sherif Sakr, Radwa Elshawi and Shota Amashukeli
HILDA Towards Robust and Transparent Natural Language Interfaces for Databases
Session 1 (Natural Language Interfaces) Christoph Brandt, Benjamin Hättasch, Nadja Geisler and Carsten Binnig
HILDA NLonSpark: NL to SQL translation on top of Apache Spark
Session 1 Apostolos Glenis and Georgia Koutrika
HILDA Keynote
Session 2 (Integration & Recommendation) Jessica Hullman
HILDA Interactive View Recommendation with a Utility Function of a General Form
Xiaozhong Zhang, Xiaoyu Ge and Panos Chrysanthis
HILDA Loki: Streamlining Integration and Enrichment
William Spoth, Poonam Kumari, Oliver Kennedy and Fatemeh Nargesian
HILDA Surveillance Video Querying With A Human-in-the-Loop
Michael Cafarella, Michael Stonebraker, Bharat Bhargava, Zachary Collins, Aaron Sipser, Tao Sun, Jenna McClellan, Alina Nesen, Kma Solaiman, Ganapathy Mani, Kevin Kochpatcharin and Pelin Angin
HILDA Keynote
Session 3 (Machine Learning & Spreadsheets) Peter Bailis
HILDA Demystifying a Dark Art: Understanding Real-World Machine Learning Model Development
Angela Lee, Doris Xin, Doris Jung-Lin Lee and Aditya Parameswaran
HILDA Understanding Data Analysis Workflows on Spreadsheets: Roadblocks and Opportunities
Pingjing Yang, Ti-Chung Cheng, Sajjadur Rahman, Mangesh Bendre, Karrie Karahalios and Aditya Parameswaran
HILDA Fairness-Aware Instrumentation of Preprocessing Pipelines for Machine Learning
Ke Yang, Biao Huang, Julia Stoyanovich and Sebastian Schelter
Friday 9:00 AM – 12:10 PM Tentative Schedule below, please visit Our Full Schedule for the latest details.
SBD Towards Making Sense of Spark-SQL Performance for Processing Vast Distributed RDF Datasets
Session 1 Mohamed Ragab, Riccardo Tommasini, Sadiq Eyvazov, Sherif Sakr:
SBD Data Placement Strategies that Speed-Up Distributed Graph Query Processing
Session 1 Daniel Janke, Steffen Staab, Martin Leinberger:
SBD Triag, a Framework based on Triangles of RDF Triples
Session 1 Hubert Naacke, Olivier Cure:
SBD Relaxing Global-As-View in mediated data integration from Linked Data
Session 1 Alessandro Adamou, Mathieu d’Aquin:
SBD Automated ontology-based annotation of scientific literature using deep learning
Session 1 Prashanti Manda, Saed SayedAhmed, Somya D. Mohanty:
SBD What is the Schema of your Knowledge Graph? Leveraging Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Clustering for Expressive Taxonomy Learning
Session 2 Amal Zouaq, Félix Martel:
SBD QSGG: Query simulation in grammar-compressed graphs
Session 2 Stefan Böttcher, Rita Hartel, Sven Peeters:
SBD Ten Ways of Leveraging Ontologies for Natural Language Processing and its Enterprise Applications
Session 2 Tatiana Erekhinskaya, Dmitry Strebkov, Sujal Patel, Mithun Balakrishna, Marta Tatu, Dan Moldovan:
SBD SustainOnt – An Ontology for Defining an Index of Neighborhood Sustainability Across Domains
Session 2 Vatricia Edgar, Cecilia LaPlace, Julia Schmidt, Ajay Bansal, Srividya Bansal:
Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tentative Schedule below, please visit for the latest details.
aiDM Keynote 1 – Data Discovery and Schema Inference Over Data Lakes
Session 1 Prof. Renee Miller, University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Northeastern University
aiDM Best of Both Worlds: Combining Traditional and Machine Learning Models for Cardinality Estimation, Lucas Woltmann
Session 2 Claudio Hartmann, Dirk Habich, and Wolfgang Lehner
aiDM Automated Tuning of Query Degree of Parallelism via Machine Learning
Session 2 Zhiwei Fan, Rathijit Sen, Paraschos Koutris, and Aws Albarghouthi (25 minute presentation)
aiDM Research Challenges in Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Join Query Optimization
Session 2 Runsheng Guo and Khuzaima Daudjee (25 minute presentation)
aiDM Keynote 2 – Detonating Enterprise Applications with AI
Session 3 Griffin Chronis, Chief Algorithms Officer of Einstein Analytics, Salesforce
aiDM BanditJoin: Learning to Join What Matters
Session 4 Vahid Ghadakchi, Mian Xie, and Arash Termehchy (25 minute presentation)
aiDM RadixSpline: A Single-Pass Learned Index
Session 4 Andreas Kipf, Ryan Marcus, Alexander van Renen, Mihail Stoian, Alfons Kemper, Tim Kraska, Thomas Neumann (25 minute presentation)
aiDM PartLy: Learning Data Partitioning for Distributed Data Stream Processing
Session 4 Ahmed Abdelhamid and Walid Aref (25 minute presentation)